• Lovin' Screen Printing with Ikonart!

    Screen printing on clay?  Yes you can!  

    "..., I get more and more excited about the endless possibilities."



  • TikTok and Hats...

    "All said and done, I am loving every single hat!"  
  • Funny how things happen...

    "The company wanted all of them and placed another order." 
  • New Mugs

    "Collaboration with my husband and his amazing 3D printing skills."
  • Glaze Test Tiles

    Glaze Test Tiles
  • My Studio Buddies

    The best studio buddies!
  • Hello 2021! Stay at Home order for Ontario, Canada.

    I think most would agree 2020 has been quite a year.  Ontario has entered it's second "State of Emergency" with a "Stay at Home Order".  Starting J...
  • Studio Reno 2.0

    Countertops installed.
  • Studio Reno Update

    The studio's renovation is coming along nicely.  Repurposed cabinets I purchased from a local Habitat ReStore.  They have worked out wonderfully.  ...
  • Beauty around us

    We were blanketed with a beautiful snowfall yesterday.   The lights in our garden were showing it off perfectly.  I thought I'd share the beauty.
  • Studio Reno

    My studio space is getting an update!  Although making has been paused temporarily, you can still purchase the pieces listed on the site.  I can't...