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A bit about me, Sharon Clayton, Potter

My Jewellery Collection has been named after Cities and Towns in Ontario, Canada. I envision elements in nature in my pieces, whether it be water, sand, trees or rock formations. The town of Ayr has been my family's hometown for 20+ years. A wonderful place to have raised our family. I have named my favourite necklace after my hometown - Ayr.

My journey with clay began over 20 years ago when I was a young Mom of three very busy boys.  I was hooked after just one introductory lesson in a friend's basement on a very old kick-wheel.   I purchased that monstrous pottery wheel from my friend, joined the local Pottery Guild in London, Ontario, took lessons and attended workshops. That old wheel was quite a workhorse! It was constructed with a heavy concrete kick-wheel which someone had motorized by adding a furnace motor and a piece of 2x4 wood as a lever.  Hey, it worked great for me at the time.   After moving to Ayr, Ontario, I began classes at Mohawk College in Brantford, Ontario.  I scaled back my pottery hobby for awhile when I returned to the corporate world.   I've recently left that corporate world and rekindled my love of Pottery.  Here's to the next exciting stage of life.  Cheers!

November 2020

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