New Mugs

3D Printed form with Plaster   Plaster Mold  Slip Casting Mug  Handling the mug


So thrilled with my new mug design!  I have added new mugs to the website that are now available for purchase.  Great collaboration with my husband and his amazing 3D printing skills.  This design went through many stages which will be tweaked for process improvements along the way. 

From software designing, 3D printing test mug, to expanding the size to allow for the clay shrinkage (14%), to 3D printed form for pouring plaster mold, pouring pottery plaster to form mold, allowing plaster to dry for a week or so before using, to 3D printing extrusion die for handle, to extruding handles, to slip casting the mug body, to trimming, to adding handle, to tidying up, to stamping Clayton Pottery logo on the bottom, to slow drying in a damp box, to bisque firing when bone dry (2 weeks), to brushing on glaze combinations, to glaze firing (2 days), to photographing, to updating website.  Phew, so many steps before it becomes a mug.  

I hope the purchaser loves the mug as much as I have loved making it.