Lovin' Screen Printing with Ikonart!

Coffee Bean Mugs                   

Lovin' Ikonart DIY photo-emulsion screen printing system. I designed the coffee bean screen, photo-exposed it for 30 seconds, rinsed it out, let it dry and voila ready to use. Best part, it's reusable. I started out making screens with my Cricut and transferring the vinyl onto screen print fabric. This was extremely problematic with tiny details.  I would constantly lose the floaty bits, like the middle of a "o".  Then I found Ikonart.  Game Changer!!!  


1.  Coffee Bean Mugs - finished

2.  Pine Tree Mugs - finished just in time for Christmas 2022.  A new design I created using the Ikonart DIY Stencil System.  These mugs are very popular.

3.  Exposing the pretreated photo-emulsion screen with the Ikonart Light Stand

4.  Finished Screen

5. Screen cut to easily wrap the shape of the mug.  Underglaze has been screened on.  Once completely dried, goes into kiln and bisque fired.

6. Glaze applied and ready for second firing - glaze fire.  (see 1 & 2 for finished mugs)


I know I blogged about this process previously, but each time I use it, I get more and more excited about the endless possibilities.   Shoot me a message if you would want more info or check out Ikonart on the web and/or YouTube.