TikTok and Hats...

I keep seeing TikTok videos that use a song that goes something like... "It cost that much because it takes me F**ing hours".   To many people that can seem offensive, but I got to say, I can now totally relate. 

As a one-person show I am wearer of all "hats". I am designer, materials purchaser, mold maker, wheel thrower, hand-builder, kiln tech, glazer, glaze tester, kiln tech again, photographer, web designer, email answerer, sales rep., studio cleaner, studio tech, packager and social media promoter.  There may be a few hats I'm missing but you get the point.  Always striving to improve each of these roles along the way. 

All said and done, I am loving every single hat!   

I can't take all the credit though. I have to give a huge shout-out to my hubby for his amazing 3D printing skills.  He prints mold forms for me, from which I create plaster molds for slip casting some of my pieces.  Enjoying collaborating our hobbies to make some pots that people can enjoy.